Sunday, 20 November 2011

Work it baby

Hello fashion belles,
as we are approaching the Christmas season, we are also approaching the "I cant help how much I'm eating, it's Christmas"-season. Everyone, including myself, will find excuses as to why we can't work. The weather is too cold, the gym is too far away, I'm too tired, I will go get my drift.
But for those of you who do have some will power and find the time to exercise, be it at home or outdoors, I have something for you. Recently, a guy called Chris Lawhorn emailed me regarding an online work-out music data base he has on The list is updated every month by subscribers who are sent a list by him and they then vote on their favourite tracks. So if you are in need of some new work out songs please check out the site.

Here's a list for the top 10 songs for October:

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