Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Breaking out is hard to do...

Starting a fashion business, or any business for that matter is extremely hard. Especially when you are still working full time and are trying to have some sort of a social life and any amount of sleep!!
So for the past few days I have been busy working on my business plan, which is probably the hardest part to starting a business as so much research needs to go into it. I have also been working on various mood boards for the label to work on its branding, which is also very time consuming, but again essential if you want to get it right. I actually found this really good blog post on branding on www.onlinemarketingheaven.com, which really helped me understand the importance of branding.
Apart from that I've been looking at various websites to find out about the costs of studio/office spaces, fabrics and books that I need! So much to think about!!!
If you guys have any sources for anything fashion business related, please leave a comment! xxx

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