Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Style Inspiration - Alexa Chung

This lady's name is on everyone's lips- and rightly so. 27-year old Alexa Chung is the ultimate style icon, and I don't think she even knows how much she means to fashion. She is a fashion muse to designers- who else has a Mulberry bag named after them- a model, and presenter. Her style is effortless, in the sense that no matter what she wears she always looks cool. Her mix of vintage, designer and high-street fashion has propelled her to be one of fashion's most talked about woman. I could go on about her forever, and you know what they say- a picture is worth a thousand words- so here are a few of my favourite pictures of her:

Alexa in Carven (I swear they design specifically for her!)

With her Mulberry Alexa

And I saved the best for the end: Her 2011 Vogue cover! Seriously, the girl's got it all. Enjoy xx

Picture: vogue.co.uk

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