Friday, 22 April 2011

Book recommendation- The Fashion Designer Survival Guide

On my quest to becoming a fashion designer, I came across this book on Amazon: The Fashion Designer Survival Guide. I recommend this book for 2 reasons: 1. If like me you only have a vague idea of how the fashion business works, this book will give a very good understanding of how much work is required. 2. Will help you realise if you are really ready to put in the hard work to run an amazingly rewarding business.
The book covers every aspect from fabrics to look books, from sample production to selling your collection. It give accounts and advice from new and long-standing designers which are priceless! Of course, this isn't the only book or even the best on how to run a fashion design business, but if you don't want information overload but still want a detailed and concise insight, this book is definitely a great place to start. Enjoy!!

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