Wednesday, 4 May 2011

'Tis the season to be sunny...

Summer Time- the best time of the year! But for many, it is also the worst time, as it's time for us to not only update our wardrobes with new summer outfits,  but to also get rid of some unwanted "keeping warm"-weight that we might have piled on over the winter months.
But do not despair, fashionistas!! We've only just entered May, so there is still plenty of time to still get trim for the summer. Just remember to do it the sensible way- healthy diet and exercise!
In the mean time, here is a reminder of the S/S 11 trends for you to look forward to and motivate yourself with everytime  you pound the pavement.

1. Colours, Colours, Colours
Yes, that's right, we can finally be bright again! Minimalism is still as cool as ever, but the brights have returned to bring you good tidings! Jil Sander, Prada and many more showed us that this summer is sure to be a colourful one. For high street finds, check out H&M and Zara.

Paul & Joe


2. Prints and flares
Prints have come back with a vengeance- they're anything and everywhere! Floral, tribal, animal, you name it. Flares have also made a comeback- from flared jeans, flared pants and flared skirts and dresses. Even better: a flared printed pant- 2 trends killed with one stone!



3. All things white
White can be a tricky colour to wear, depending on what you're wearing. Most common mistake is made with white t-shirts who are supposed to be our friend, as they are so versatile and go with almost anything! Anyway, most people make the mistake of wearing a white bra underneath, when in fact the better choice is to wear a black or nude one. And now we have to wear white jeans too? The same applies, do not wear white pants; you'll save yourself a lot of embarrassment. 

J Brand 


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